Robert Rauschenberg

I was pottering around Pinterest the other day – looking for something inspiring on cyanotypes – so was quite excited to come across the work of Robert Rauschenberg. Not that I wasn’t aware of Rauschenberg – I just wasn’t aware that he did cyanotypes. Rauschenberg was introduced to the process by Susan Weil in 1949 when they were both students at Black Mountain College, North Carolina.


Rauschenberg made this cyanotype, Untitled, in 1951. It is obvious from the above that the model lay on coated sheets of paper with sprigs of foliage and that the work was done inside, by moving a light around to develop the emulsion.


The exposed print was rinsed in a shower bath. That is Susan Weil (who was his wife at the time) helping.


And, although it might not be technically perfect, what a delightful print they have made.

Sources for images and text: and

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