About Jen

dsc_9873border-webPhoto: John Eurell

My name is Jennifer Eurell. I am an artist from Mapleton, Queensland, Australia and a member of the Maleny Art and Craft Group and the Maleny Printmakers. I recently obtained a degree in Fine Art from Curtin University, W.A. I did my degree by distance education through the Open Universities of Australia which was a fun, albeit lengthy experience. Previous to this I completed a Diploma in Visual Art at Central Queensland TAFE in Rockhampton with a major in printmaking.  I am a mixed media artist – working with painting, printmaking, photography and now and again I work with the old medium of cyanotype.

My studio is underneath my house, with a view to the garden, where I live with my husband John. Way back in the past we raised three boys while studying for our applied science degrees in Canberra, then we took of for a 13 year circumnavigation in the yacht Burramys. I should have a good store of world wide memories to draw on, but often my work will be based around the local environment.



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