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Photographic cyanotype


This is my first photographic cyanotype. I’d taken the photograph of my granddaughters, Isabella and Sophia, so needed to make a negative of it before I could print it as a cyanotype. I can’t remember now whether I changed the photo to a black and white in Adobe Camera Raw or in Photoshop, but it was one or the other. I had read somewhere that you could make the perfect cyanotype ‘curve’ to get the perfect negative, however I also read  conflicting ways of doing so. I tried altering my photograph with one of the  ‘curves’ but not with any success. Actually it was a complete disaster with most of the image just not there.  Maybe I needed to alter the negative, not the positive?  This was something I needed to delve further into. I forgot about the curve and made a simple negative using the ‘inverse’ command in Photoshop, saved my file to a memory stick and went off to Officeworks to have an A3 transparency printed. They’d run out of A3 transparencies. I wasn’t having a lot of luck. I settled for A4 and got two, as in general the ink isn’t dense enough to work well so I double them up. Basically it worked – not perfectly – but it did work with around 8 minutes exposure in bright sun. When I sort out the mystery of the ‘curve’ I hope that I can get a greater tonal range, but in the mean time I am happy enough with my first photographic cyanotype.